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What We Do

The following is a small sample of the duties you could expect an ELITE Security Officer to handle while on your property, regardless if you have Mobile Patrol or a Standing/Site Officer:

Physical Checks    Lighting Inspections    

Incident Reporting and Documentation
Illegally Parked Vehicles    Abandoned Vehicles 

  Noise Complaints Vandalism/Property Damage 

  Responding to Potential Hazards     Trespassing

Physical Checks

We maintain a constant patrol of the property and perform a physical check of the doors and windows after the businesses' are closed. Numerous times, we have found doors unlocked or not locked properly. By making physical checks of the business, it assures the client that the security measures they already have in place are being fully utilized after the last employee leaves the business.

 Lighting Inspections and Reports

Lighting reports are provided on a regular basis to assure the professional image your property demands. Proper lighting is often the most effective and efficient deterrent to crime in the professional's arsenal. Many properties are improperly illuminated, poorly maintained, and costly to operate. Proper lighting deters criminal activity, promotes safety, and reduces civil liability.

Incident Reports and Documentation

When an incident occurs on the property that may require criminal or civil action, proper documentation is essential. Often, quick and proper documentation reduces the chances of civil action being filed against you. In instances where a civil suit is filed, proper documentation is essential, and could make all the difference in the courtroom. We provide detailed reports and digital pictures of all incidents as requested by the Client.  We maintain a record system to track the incidents that occur on your property to assist in planning and safety improvements. Additionally, we can also obtain reports from local law enforcement agencies for your review on your local area.

Illegally Parked Vehicles

ELITE Universal Security will report and, if necessary, have towed illegally parked vehicles in accordance with California Law as well as with the Clients policies and at their request.

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles create hazards, take up parking space, and tarnish the property image. We will report and, if necessary, have towed abandoned vehicles in accordance with California Law as well as with the Clients policies and at their request.

Noise Complaints

ELITE Universal Security can assess the complaints, enforce property rules, accurately document the incident, and forward the report to appropriate personnel.

Vandalism/Property Damage

Our fully marked patrol vehicles and uniformed officers provide a real deterrent to vandalism and property damage. Our main strength is in our approach. ELITE officers are trained to handle delicate situations, effectively minimizing the chance of altercation. Emphasis is placed on diffusing any potentially violent situations, while taking a proactive stand in enforcing rules, regulations, and Client policies. Our approach reduces the chances of vandalism against property out of anger or reprisal.

Responding To Potential Hazards

ELITE Officers
are trained to report any potential problems or hazards discovered while patrolling your property (IE: Trash, broken glass, spills, leaking pipes, potholes, broken doors, missing signage, exposed wiring, no lighting, etc.). Some hazards require immediate response and/or notification. Officers will act swiftly while complying with approved Client and security practices. This action reduces damage and liability concerns to the property.


An effective means in ensuring a safe and pleasant environment is to effectively utilize the trespassing law against persons who create a hostile environment. ELITE Security Officers are trained to assist businesses in identifying habitual trespassing persons as well as making a proper determination of when to effect action regarding a trespassing person.

Proper documentation and records of the events are kept on file in the event of future violations at our 24 hour Dispatch Center. They are stored for 2 years, because most court cases take a year to come about.